The challenge of blogging is incredible.  I thought it would be easy to post a blog each week or day – but no.  Resources, training and actual teaching seem to take over.

Greek archaeology was great fun.


The challenge o…

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Observed lesson……

Friction – something between friends, or two surfaces rubbing together.  Well my class think it is the first one.  Argh, that’ll be the timing out of the window.

And yet the activities saved the day.  Sand, car and ramps, different surfaces and parachute making – fantastic.

And the sand stayed in the bowl.

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Wow, time flies

After setting this up, with the intention of keeping a regular blog, I am frightened the time is flying past so quickly.  More to follow…….

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Exciting times

After too many years of retraining as a Primary school teacher, I’m now starting my probation year.  Yes, I’m excited about the responsibility of having a class, daunted knowing I am responsible and yet my mind is just brimming with ideas.

I cannot wait.

This is also my first blog – am I really behind the times? – and is a taster before I decide whether to develop blogging with my class.  Or indeed develop a school website.  Any thoughts whether it’s a wise idea?

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